About SB 40

Madison County Service Coordination’s mission is to support and advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities, by locating resources that deliver value, helping to enrich the quality of their lives through personal choice.

The Origin of
SB 40 Boards

In 1969 a state statute was enacted that allows the citizens of Missouri counties to vote on a tax levy to support various local services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Commonly known as “SB 40″ Boards after the Senate Bill that created them. The voters of Madison County approved such a program in 1986 and Madison County Council for the Developmentally Disabled (MCCDD) was formed. In 2016, MCCDD decided to split off the Targeted Case Management (TCM) and Senate Bill 40 board, based on Home and Community-Based Services, (HCBS) federal legislation, conflict of interest requirements. The Senate Bill 40 board changed its name to Madison County Service Coordination, Inc. (MCSC) in 2017 with an official split from the provider agency MCCDD in July 2017.

How we serve
Madison County

Over the years, the SB 40 statutes (Missouri Revised Statutes 205.968 to 205.972) have been modified several times to allow for these changes in funded services through tax levy funds. Today we support a variety of services and programs, in addition to employment and residential services, that benefit disabled individuals in the Madison County community every year.

Since our inception, the SB 40 role has been to fund needed services to citizens of Madison County with developmental disabilities. Traditionally we see ourselves as the “funder of last resort”, covering the costs of services, facilities, and equipment that are not paid by other sources such as Medicaid, the Department of Mental Health, the Department of Health and Senior Services, or the First Steps program. By statute, we can only provide tax funds for services to citizens of Madison County who are deemed eligible under the definition of developmental disability and in accordance with our own local policies.

Working With
Service Providers

Annually each summer we accept applications for funding for the upcoming calendar year. Interested providers should download the above for application instructions and our policies and procedures that cover funding. Funds can only be awarded to qualified organizations that are nationally accredited and/or licensed and certified by the state of Missouri in serving people with developmental disabilities.
In addition to local funding, we can provide direct services to eligible individuals for transportation and support coordination. Our entire organization advocates strongly for increased services and new supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and we are seen as a local and statewide leader in our efforts to support our citizens.