We serve persons of all ages and income levels with a diagnosed developmental disability who reside in Madison County

Find answers to commonly asked questions about eligibility.

Madison County and Bollinger County residents may be eligible to receive services from Madison County Service Coordination if they have a diagnosed developmental disability.

Developmental Disability is defined in state statute and Federal Medicaid regulations* and eligibility is determined by the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

A developmental disability: 

  • is a mental or physical impairment (excludes mental illness) 
  • happens while the person was developing (before age 22) 
  • results in major difficulties with two or more of the following:  
    • walking 
    • talking 
    • self-care 
    • self-direction 
    • learning 
    • living independently 
    • getting and keeping a job 
  • is lifelong or of extended duration 
  • requires individually planned and coordinated services and assistance 

*There are additional eligibility requirements under Federal Medicaid regulations 

Let us guide you through the process of completing the paperwork and review your eligibility! 

Once found eligible, we can assist you in finding resources near your community. 

We monitor the services you receive to evaluate their quality of care. 

We spend time with you to determine the best plan.  

Interested? Contact MCSC and let our Support Coordinators who have received specialized education and experience help you to determine eligibility for services.  Contact Lora Dickey- Director of Support Coordination at (573) 783-4451 or ldickey@madisontcm.org 

If an individual is a resident of the Madison County who has a developmental disability, such as, but not limited to: autism, cerebral palsy, head injury, Down syndrome, epilepsy (and other seizure disorders) and/or mental retardation; they may be eligible for services.

Our Service Coordinators will work with the Sikeston Regional Office to seek eligibility and funding approvals. 

Sikeston Regional Office of the Missouri Department of Mental Health is responsible for developmental disability determination.  

To apply for services, contact Sikeston Regional Office of the Missouri Department of Mental Health at: 

112 Plaza Drive
PO Box 966
Sikeston, MO 63801
573-472-5308 (fax)

You or the responsible party will be asked to complete an application packet. If requested, assistance in completing the packet will be provided. MCSC can assist with completion of the application. 

A home visit will be made. You or the responsible party will be asked to release past medical, school or vocational records to determine eligibility and identify needs. 

For additional information about developmental disabilities, visit the Developmental Disabilitiessection of the Missouri Department of Mental Health website.